Prospecting trip checklist

Handy information

We can’t wait to see you at Palmerville Gold.

Because we are often asked by many people what to bring and what to carry in their vehicle at Palmerville Gold we have compiled some travelling tips to equip you with a few reminders that might be helpful.

This is a general Prospecting Trip Checklist which can be applied to remote locations like Palmerville Station and whilst it was compiled with extended travel in mind, much of it still applies to short duration trips as well. By no means is this a finite list and anything that you think will add comfort to your experience, don’t hesitate to bring it along.

Prospecting trip checklist:

  • A dual battery system on your vehicle
  • Minimum of two spare tyres and a tyre repair Kit
  • A 12V DC Air compressor
  • A vehicle mounted two way radio and a hand-held radio as well
  • Well stocked First Aid Kit
  • At least one GPS, preferably two
  • An emergency beacon (EPIRB) or a satellite phone as a minimum
  • A navigation system or hard-copy maps as a minimum
  • 12V DC sockets hooked up to your vehicle for charging mobile phones and accessories
  • 12V DC Inverter (minimum 200W)
  • At least 2 x 20LT Jerries of Fuel, preferably 4.

Tools and Misc

  • A basic tool set
  • An axe, a shovel and a crow bar.
  • A generator with a 12V DC car battery charger
  • A 240V car battery charger
  • A 240V extension leads and a power boards
  • At least one good tarpaulin and some good sturdy rope
  • A rechargeable torch
  • A good penknife or a multi-tool
  • A headlamp
  • 12V DC Lighting
  • At least one solar panel minimum 180 Watts.
  • Plenty of matches and lighters
  • A 12V DC fridge
  • Butane gas stove
  • Basic kitchen ware for food prep and eating ( inc pots, billys and cooking pans)
  • A small camping table and a fold up chair
  • At least 200L of water for drinking
  • Additional water jerrys for washing
  • A minimum of two weeks worth of food
  • Insect repellent is a must
  • Fly face nets are a good option
  • Both hot and cold weather clothing
  • Sunscreen
  • At least two sleeping bags and an extra blanket 
  • Wash basin and bush shower

In the case of an Emergency:

  • We communicate with the RFDS and a stocked First Aid Kit is onsite. Our staff have training in First Aid.
  • Palmerville Gold has a fully operational Satellite phone.
  • In the field we carry an EPIRB
  • It is also recommended that you carry your own personal safety and tracking devices too.
  • Please remember your snake bite kit and plenty of water.

Health and Safety

Due to the remote location of Palmerville Gold we ask that you consider everyone on the property and the welfare of All when you are on the goldfields and off the goldfields. We ask that all recreational vehicles and 4×4 activities are undertaken with the upmost care of all Guests at Palmerville Station.

Please read and complete the compulsory information including the code of conduct. If measures aren’t maintained on the property as described, Guests that do not comply, will be required to leave – we have a zero tolerance.

It is our Duty of Care and responsibility to all Guests at Palmerville Gold, that everyone operates within the code of conduct and under the guidance of the Completed Landholders’ Consent, that any such issues that may impede an individual to participate at Palmerville Gold safely, be bought to our attention. Your feedback is greatly appreciated and received and your experience is valued.

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